Land is our newest asset that we have added to our platform. There are more components of land that are currently under consideration by our product team. As we add more features to land, we will share these updates. This article explains how to create land assets and what marketing needs RealMassive currently facilitates for land. 

Create a land asset

  1. Log in, or register for free at RealMassive
  2. From the Welcome page, click on My Inventory 
  3. Click on the blue + Add New Property button
  4. Now you are on the asset creation page. Choose Land as your asset type or click on "For Sale". RealMassive (for now) only supports land for sale listings. 
  5. If your land listing does not yet have an address you can use our "Locate on Map" feature. Simply click on the "Locate on Map" button and click and drag the map to the desired location. Our platform will geocode the location where your pin is dropped so that your property will appear on our search map and allow users to quickly find your asset.
  6. Click continue to be taken to the Land asset information page. If the team modal appears, select your team. This only occurs if you are apart of multiple teams. After selecting the desired team fill out the the asset's information. If the entire land asset is for sale you can add the sale listing on this page and its associated contacts. 
  7. If your land asset is broken into multiple parcels click continue to create your parcels. Here you can add contacts and individual sale listings for each parcel that is for sale. If you are marketing you land asset as one entire listing and added the sale listing on the previous page then you can skip this step. 
  8. Lastly, you can add any media that you have for your land asset. Once you have done this click Save and you are done! 
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