RealMassive's My Inventory page is your central hub for managing your commercial real estate listings on RealMassive. Here you can create new assets and listings, search existing assets to edit, add media, and edit your listing contacts. 

Your My Inventory's content is populated in two ways, either RealMassive has on-boarded your commercial real estate data sets for you or you have begun creating your firm's listings on your own. Now that you have existing data on RealMassive, you might want to access it at any time and make small changes. Here is how:  

Inventory Search

RealMassive's Inventory search utilizes 3 different categories of filters and a keyword search. 


All data that is active on RealMassive will be related to a team and an organization. If you are a member of multiple teams then you can select your desired team from your team filter to see the desired listing data that you would like to begin work on. 

Lease Type

Filtering by lease type separates your lease and sublease building asset listings from your building sale listings. Filtering by "All Buildings" displays all of your building asset listings of for lease, sublease, and sale.
Filtering by Land - For Sale or Parcels - For Sale displays all of your land asset sales. To view both of your land and parcel sale listings, filter by "All Land".   

Most Recently Updated or Title

Sort by most recently updated to see your most current work or sort your asset alphabetically to find an asset to edit. 

Keyword Search 

Use the Inventory management's keyword search by typing an address or building title to quickly identify an asset to begin editing. 

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