Creating a listing

Now that you have filled out your property data its time to create your listings. 

  1. Once you click "Continue" from the asset basic details page, you will be taken to the listing page. 
  2. Space Size must be populated. All other fields are optional, but will display on the listing if populated.  
  3. The listing will automatically default to 'For Lease.' You can update this to sublease by clicking the 'For Sublease' link in the upper right corner of page.
  4. Once the space has been leased, you can update the status to "Off Market" using the drop-down in upper left corner of listing box.  This will remove the listing from search results.

Adding Contacts

RealMassive routinely collects broker information, so there is a good chance that your broker(s) already exist on RealMassive. To see if your brokers already exist on our platform:

  1. Enter the broker name in the 'Add Contacts' field. 
  2. The list of existing brokers will be returned and you can select the correct broker to add to your listing. 
  3. If your broker does not appear in the search results please contact us at  or live chat us using the chat icon located at the bottom of each page. 
  4. Once all desired listing data has been entered click "Continue".  
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