What is RealMassive?

RealMassive is the first-ever source of real-time commercial real estate information. Our search, marketing, and collaboration platform empowers CRE professionals and tenants with transparent access to trusted insight and the most accurate data possible.

Tenants use our free search engine to efficiently find the ideal space for their business, create a custom portfolio, and monitor market activity. Tenant reps use RealMassive to identify, manage, and analyze spaces to find the best possible option for their clients. And commercial real estate professionals use our collaborative platform to streamline their marketing efforts and gain insight into the performance of their space and buildings.

What kind of properties and listings does RealMassive market?

On RealMassive you can market all of your for lease, sublease, and sale building assets and all of your land and parcel for sale assets. Coming in the future we will allow users to market their for lease ground listings and for sale office condo spaces. 

What is an Organization?

An organization on RealMassive centralizes all of your firm's listings (lease, sublease, and sale) and brokerage teams into a searchable page on RealMassive. Users can filter listings, brokers and the listings they represent. An organization also contains contact information for the firm, such as direct phone number, email, and address. The organization also contains about us content and social networking links that viewers can interact with. You can also provide a back link to your firm's website page here to drive traffic back to your website. 

What is a Team?

When a user signs up on RealMassive, our system automatically assigns all users to a default team. Teams contain a set of permission for you and your colleagues within the firm. Your default team will contain admin permissions, but we can create separate teams that have read and/or edit capability based on how you'd like your teams set-up.

Your team is used when you log into RealMassive and navigate to your My Inventory page and begin creating listings. If you are a part of multiple teams that contain different datasets you can filter by the team to edit and view your desired datasets. 

How do I remove a listing?

Their are multiple levels of removing a listing on RealMassive. You can either take a listing off market, delete a listing from your asset, or remove the asset and its listings from your team. 

  1. Changing a listings status to "Off Market" means that this listing will no longer appear in search results on RealMassive. User take this action when the listing has been leased (congratulations!) or if the listing is not currently being marketed. Read this article to learn how to take a listing Off Market
  2. Deleting a listing is an action users take if a listing has been made in error or if you need to remove it altogether. Deleting a listing is done from the listing creation box. Watch this tutorial video to learn more. 

3. Removing an asset from your team that you no longer represent will remove this asset from your My Inventory page. To do so reach out to the RealMassive team at makeiteasy@realmassive.com  or our live chat. Removing an asset from your team means that all available listings within this asset will be moved to off market, all marketing material representing your firm will be removed, leasing representatives will be removed, and the listing will no longer display on your firm page. In the near future you will be able to take this action yourself from our My Inventory page.
For assets that you do represent but are 100% lease (congratulations!), once all of the listings have been taken off the market the asset we....? 

How do you get my listings?

When RealMassive launches in a market we research the firms doing business in the market and if their datasource is in compliance with our data strategy. If your listings are on RealMassive then we have either coordinated with one of your colleges to onboard your CRE listing data or your data source aligns with our data strategy. Reach out to us at makeiteasy@realmassive.com or our live chat to claim your data and learn more about what RealMassive can do for you.  

How do you get CRE data?

RealMassive uses innovative cutting edge technology to collect and maintain the freshest datasets of commercial real estate listings. At RealMassive we love the commercial real estate industry and we love data! If you would like your CRE datasets to live in our modern market place then reach out to us at makeiteasy@realmassive.com or our live chat. 

Am I in a launched market?

To learn if you are in a launched market on RealMassive visit our markets page. Do not see the market in which your firm operates? No worries, reach out to use at makeiteasy@realmassive.com or our live chat to learn how you can partner with RealMassive. 

What is RealMassive's API?

RealMassive is on a mission to open up CRE data and improve the intelligence and speed of the industry. With that in mind we’ve developed a fully open API. The RealMassive API gives you real-time access to our nationwide database of commercial real estate listings and related information about this $15.2 trillion industry. What you do with the data is up to you.

Here are a few key ways our API can help you:

  • Programmatically upload, manage, and syndicate inventory and availabilities.
  • Quickly and flexibly search over 100,000 listings from CRE brokerages nationwide.
  • Create, share, and manage your market surveys or favorites lists.

Get started with RealMassive's API: www.realmassive.com/developer-center

How is RealMassive different from its competitors?

RealMassive has installed a modern, connected commercial real estate marketplace where none had previously existed. Our platform removes antiquated information barriers by delivering open access, modern marketing exposure, and real-time insights to accelerate deals between tenants, investors, and industry professionals. The RealMassive marketplace will always be a free to list and free to search alternative to the current monolithic incumbents.

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