Creating an Asset

  1. Log in, or register for free at RealMassive
  2. From the Welcome page, click on My Inventory 
  3. Click on the blue + Add New Property button
  4. The asset creation page will refresh. From here, you'll be able to select the listing type that'd like to market, the property status, and address. 

           Listing Type: you can select For Lease/Sublease or For Sale
           Property Build Status: you can select Existing, Planned/Proposed, In                              Development or Land.
           Building Address: select the property address. Our platform is powered by                    google, so suggested addresses will return as you begin typing in the field. 

Note: As you type an address, you might see building Icons with a property name and/or location pin icons. The building icon indicates that the address already exists in our database and the building will not need to be recreated. The listings can just be added directly in this case. The location pin enables you to creates a new asset. 

5. If your asset does not have an address yet,  use our "Locate on Map" feature. This is very helpful when creating a land asset.               

  •  Select the "Locate on Map" button
  • Click and drag the map to the desired location
  • Our platform will geocode the location where your pin was dropped, so that your property will appear on our search map and allow users to quickly find your asset 

6. Once all fields have been populated, click 'Continue'.

7. If you are a part of multiple teams, a model will appear asking you to select which team this asset needs to belong to. Choosing a team allows your colleagues to view and edit the data you are creating. Note: if you are a part of a single team, you will not be prompted to select  team.

8. The Asset's basic information page will display, where you can fill out additional required asset fields and other information you would like to share.

9. Click Continue to create a listing

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