Why does RealMassive have to approve my images?

In May 2015, RealMassive was sued by its biggest competitor, CoStar. The lawsuit claimed that CoStar-owned images appeared on RealMassive’s site, resulting in copyright infringement. Though RealMassive disputed the claims, the parties settled. (You can learn more from our previous CEO, Craig Hancock, here). As part of the settlement, both parties agreed to work together to avoid future disputes. Our agreement with CoStar empowers us to help you avoid inadvertently uploading CoStar-owned images to our platform. If you attempt to upload an image that our platform identifies as CoStar’s, we will inform you and the image won’t be published on our system. The process is virtually seamless and will help ease any worries you might otherwise have over CoStar’s aggressive approach to copyright issues.

What does “Pending Approval” and “Approved” mean next to my images?

RealMassive provides a complimentary service to help you avoid CoStar’s copyrighted images when marketing your buildings. “Pending Approval” means we are checking to see if the image matches one of CoStar’s claims of ownership. “Approved” means the image does not match one of CoStar’s claimed images.

When I save my media I get a warning about “Pending media approvals.” What does this mean?

Normally reviewing an image to ensure it does not match a CoStar-claimed photo takes a matter of seconds. However, processing can take longer if a large number of images are being uploaded to the site. You can save your media uploads and exit the page without losing your changes. We will send you an email within 24 hours if any of your images are flagged.

What happens if one of my images is flagged?

If we detect one of your images might be owned by CoStar, you will receive an in-app notification, and the image will be removed from the RealMassive system. We will also send you an email within 24 hours containing a list of the image file names that were flagged.

What if I own an image that was flagged?

You have the right to dispute CoStar’s copyright claim. Please contact us and we’ll assist you with the procedure.

Will RealMassive notify CoStar that I tried to upload an image they claim to own?

No. Your company/user information is confidential. A third party vendor will perform the image check, not CoStar. We do not share your company/user information with either the vendor or CoStar when we check images.

I’ve already agreed to the RealMassive Terms of Service…why am I being asked again?

In the event an image you uploaded was flagged, we ask that you re-acknowledge our Terms of Service (including the rules concerning submission of content) before uploading additional images. Our Terms of Service require that you have the right to submit the images you upload to RealMassive.

My image did not upload correctly, what can I do?

If you encounter a technical error during media upload, you can cancel the image that failed and upload the file again. We suggest that you verify the image is not corrupt and is .jpg or .png formatted, under 25mb, and/or no larger than 4000 pixels high or wide.

Can RealMassive load my images for me and tell me which ones CoStar claims to own?

Absolutely! We know managing data and images is a challenge and we’re here to help. Any images you send us to upload to RealMassive will always be checked for possible copyright claims by CoStar. We are looking out for you and will let you know if we spot any issues. Contact us!

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